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BBC News - Science & Environment
BBC News - Science & Environment
  1. Immune discovery 'may treat all cancer'
    Research is at an early stage but scientists said it had huge potential for destroying cancers.
  2. Single-use plastic: China to ban bags and other items
    One of the world's biggest users of plastic plans to phase out most single-use items by 2025.
  3. Barometric pressure in London 'highest in 300 years' at least
    High pressure at Heathrow Airport reaches 1,049.6 millibars - a record for the UK's capital.
  4. Human impact on nature 'dates back millions of years'
    The impact of humans on nature may have been far greater and longer-lasting than we thought, say scientists.
  5. People urgently fleeing climate crisis cannot be sent home, UN rules
    But it rejects a claim by a man whose Pacific Island nation is threatened by rising sea levels.