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BBC News - Science & Environment
BBC News - Science & Environment
  1. Rosewood smuggling in The Gambia: Shipping firm halts timber exports
    A BBC investigation found vast quantities of protected rosewood were being trafficked from The Gambia.
  2. New government unit to take over Covid response
    There are questions over whether the Joint Biosecurity Centre has the expertise needed for the job.
  3. Coronavirus: 'The masks you throw away could end up killing a whale'
    As the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more protective equipment is ending up in the sea.
  4. Esa and Nasa line up satellites to measure Antarctic sea-ice
    Aligning polar satellites will enable the first ever reliable maps of Antarctic sea-ice thickness.
  5. Siberian Arctic 'up to 10 degrees warmer' in June
    The average temperature in the region reached a record high in some area, EU data shows.