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BBC News - Science & Environment

BBC News - Science & Environment
BBC News - Science & Environment
  1. Two-fifths of plants at risk of extinction, says report
    We are failing to harness the many benefits plants can provide, say scientists.
  2. Great Barrier Reef: Uncovering the secrets of Australia's deep waters
    Scientists explain how the biggest deep-sea study of two marine parks led to exciting discoveries.
  3. Zimbabwe: Elephants die from 'bacterial disease'
    More than 30 elephants were found lying on their stomachs, according to wildlife officials.
  4. Rio Tinto: Mining giant accused of poisoning rivers in Papua New Guinea
    More than 150 people in Bougainville have filed a complaint against the embattled Rio Tinto company.
  5. Buried lakes of liquid water discovered on Mars
    The underground lakes were detected in the Red Planet's south polar region.